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Leadership Coaching, Business Strategy Facilitation & Presentation Training

Movéo increases organisations employee engagement by inspiring each individual, team and organisation to maximise their full performance potential and deliver outstanding business results.

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We provide:


It is our purpose to create and influence both behavioural and attitudinal change in your people, leading to cultural transformation.

We are a team of people who are passionate about:

  • Moving others towards their key performance indicators and strategic business objectives
  • Influencing others to communicate more effectively, with presence and persuasion
  • Creating a safe, innovative environment where people can challenge the status quo and challenge themselves while striving to be authentic, differentiated and successful individuals

At Movéo we believe:

  • Individuals are your greatest organisational asset
  • Employees impact your customers, partners and shareholders minute by minute through their communication, attitudes and behaviours
  • Members of your organisation are quite often the only differentiator in highly competitive, complex, business-to-business situations

If you need a positive attitudinal and behavioural shift in your people and/or need to improve your business results, contact us today

Leadership Coaching

Leaders moods are contagious and create the culture employees have to live in everyday. Leaders owe it to themselves and their employees via leadership coaching to reflect on their communication style and the behaviours and attitudes that are continually showing up for work everyday.

Moveo’s Leadership Coaching programme analyses all aspects of self, (behaviours, attitudes, emotional states, motivators, meaning, EQ, values and beliefs) relationship connections (at work) and communication with others. Simultaneously leadership coaching provides day to day advice, guidance and critic on business sensitive issues. Once the business analysis and self reflection stages are completed, we help you to create a leadership coaching development plan to achieve your goals and align with your companies strategic objectives.

Leadership coaching key outcomes:

  • Acknowledge and embrace the need to evolve/adapt to align and achieve the corporate vision and your personal vision
  • Greater self-awareness and harness the ability to self reflect via leadership 360° surveys, feedback and profiling tools
  • Understand and acknowledge the diversity of your teams thinking and communication preferences (HBDI™)
  • Acknowledge current role and responsibility to create a positive great place to work environment, provide engagement, meaning and fun
  • Mentor/coach, inspire and influence all key team members, towards a collective goal
  • Improves productivity, communication, motivation and self confidence
  • Work towards your own personal business plan with achievable but stretched goals

Leadership 360 surveys

Movéo and its strategic partners are accredited in numerous tools, methodologies and leadership 360 surveys to create greater self awareness, self resilience and self restraint. All diagnostic tools (e.g. leadership 360 surveys) are chosen based on their reputation, intensive research, worldwide validity and are renowned for their simplicity to interpret and implement.

Our process by benchmarking individuals/teams and organisations: core skill competencies, behaviours, attitudes, and values via leadership 360 surveys. We also create and monitor cultural surveys across organisational regions, demographics, titles etc to access their values, strengths, engagement and entropy levels.

Once the leadership programme is complete, we often retest the leadership 360 surveys and/or cultural surveys again to validate any shifts in values, positive culture, behaviours and attitudes.

Leadership courses

Moveo’s leadership course focuses on delivering authentic, highly communicative leadership to build engagement and meaning within organisations. Leadership courses focus on emotional intelligence (self-awareness, self regulation, internal motivators, empathy, and social skills) and the business competencies a leader needs to succeed. E.g. presentation skills, negotiation skills, leading a team, creating a vision, etc.

Moveo’s leadership course is your own change transformation programme, designed to stretch and challenge you to reach your full potential. A leader is required to engage all employees across all aspects of the business; no boundaries are too wide, nobody unreachable. Moveo’s leadership courses provide the knowledge, skills and work related application to create collaborative, authentic leaders who are able to increase employee engagement, retention and ultimately improve client satisfaction.

Leadership executive coaching

Leadership executive coaching requires whole system transformation. It requires you to embark upon a voyage of self-realisation. We ask you to negotiate the realities of today’s life and to choose how and what you would like to create in the future.

You will complete a leadership 360˚ survey from your peers, direct reports, manager and clients. We use a variety of worldwide methodologies and tools including HBDI thinking preferences, leadership values audits, self-assessments, telephone interviews and behavioural feedback to enhance your self-awareness.

Your experienced, well qualified coach will help you to translate the data from the leadership 360 surveys and leadership executive coaching into meaningful behavioural, attitudinal shifts and any technical competencies that are required. Your coach helps you to develop your overall holistic development plan based on your focus goal/s, vision, desire for transformation and organisation’s goals. Your coach working closely with you, assists your work related behavioural learning objectives in your development plan.

The leadership executive coaching programme lasts six to twelve months, with regular face-to-face meetings every two to three weeks, plus email and telephone communication and coachee assignments.

Customised sales, communication and presentation skills training

Our tailored sales, communication and presentation skills training programmes are designed to develop the courage to stand out and be distinctive.

Teaching purely based on theory and models will have little impact on shifting behaviours and attitudes in real life business application. Individuals need to self discover within a well formed framework, supported by extensive research, evidence and case studies.

We recognise the best in your people and affirm their strengths, successes and potential to increase their value. We help them develop the courage to stand out and be distinctively client centric focused.

Moveo’s B2B sales training programmes:
Strategically penetrate new business opportunities, whilst growing your organic business footprint.
Effectively qualify using the Moveo qualifying criteria
Generate trust, build credibility and create long term sustainable “sticky” relationships.
Increase influence, persuasion and confidence levels when face to face with senior clients
Increase win/bid ratios
Penetrate internal client connections
Uncover, via exceptional discovery questioning, probing and listening skills, opportunities before your competitors
Walk away with practical tools to use on the job the next day

Telephone sales training “Winning on the phone”:

Provides the proven methodology to never make a “cold call” again, increasing self confidence and the all important meetings in the diary!

Communication skills training:
Listen and influence persuasively, probe and question for “active” needs
Differentiate your brand and you, and reveal the distinctive difference/value you can deliver to clients.
Monitor and self regulate human responses
Network to help others

Presentation skills training

Follow a proven framework/methodology to plan, structure and create a distinctive presentation to capture the hearts and minds of your audience
Receive expert insightful feedback and self reflect upon your performance with the help of a DVD.

Workplace relevance and application is of paramount importance, so please contact us directly on +61 2 9431 5312 or use the contact form, so we can customise a programme for you and your team.

Please review individual training programme under the “what we do” section

Business strategy facilitation

Movéo is often invited in to top tier organisations to facilitate business strategy sessions. We collaborate with the organisational leaders or business units on their change management strategy and transformation.

Business Strategy Facilitation is normally run off site, duration 2 – 4 days. The business facilitation covers all key elements to create a business strategy to engage departments and align everybody within the organisation with the business strategic objectives and next years goals. Moveo use a number of highly innovative techniques and frameworks to establish collaborative communication, a holistic perspective on the key business issues and a congruent simplicity to aid employee communication and understanding.

  • Strategy/ HR Consulting
  • Keynote speakers
  • Please contact Moveo on +61 2 9431 5312 to discuss any of the above, based on your individual needs and we will gladly scope our involvement in assisting your business to succeed.

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